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Manager's Corner

Texting for drivers is totally banned:
Texting ranks way up there with drunk drivers.

In the transportation world, we ONLY use Hands-Free voice-to-voice contact. Live Human-to-Human.


E-mails for Advance Bookings, Advance Reservations, and Advance Communications.

Online Reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance.

SAME DAY communications by Live, Voice-to-Voice contact. Use your phone as a phone! Any Communication for Same Day Transportation, Changes or Otherwise. Use Only Live phone communication.

Receipt Cards:
Round Trip tickets are Date & Time stamped for customer's protection as well as prevention of any driver's mistaken returns. The Double Sided Business Card has the words Boarding Pass. Customers need a Boarding Pass to get on a Plane, a Train, a City Bus, or a Shuttle and Florida Towncar is no different. Our Boarding Pass is the same size as your Driver's License, Do Not Lose It.

Florida Towncar Limo Service:
Florida Towncar Limo Service is a Quality Product, Quality Service and a Competitive Price $$.

We specialize in Carrying the Happiest People on Earth to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney World!


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